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Heck, it's actually a survey. Taken from Kia [ [info]infiniteternal ].

1. Friend who knows you best.
    Can relatives count? They're my friends too! XD 
    Okay, that'll be Merissa.

2. Friend you have known the longest.
    Hmm, this is difficult...Merissa, Katrin & Sara. (Cousins, actually. XD) 

3. How many on your friends list?
    Very few. Really, there isn't even five of them here!

4. Have you ever dated anyone on your friends list?
    Umm, definitely NO! Unlike what some people think. XD

5. Friends you have met in person?
    ithronluin , lienneh , oresama_alone, limlynn999

6. Friend you would most like to meet in person?
    ALL! XD

7. Friend who makes you laugh the most from his/her posts.
    Crap! They're not in LJ, though.
    That'll be Tshen.

8. Friend that you wish posted more.
    Hmm, can't force them to update! It's up to them.

9. Friend you feel is most like you.

10. Last person you added as a friend.
      Forgot. This was quite some time ago! XD

11. Friend who introduced you to LJ.
      Me! XD

12. Friend that you most want to get know better.
       Tshen (not in LJ), _kremlindusk_

13. Do you read the journal of someone that is not on your friends list?
      Yup! But I do respect their privacy. ;)

I'm gonna be real dead if they read this. XD

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