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Get Real...Have A Life!

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27th September 2007

9:04am: News!

Heck, it's actually a survey. Taken from Kia [ [info]infiniteternal ].

I'm gonna be real dead if they read this. XD

Current Mood: chipper

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25th February 2007

4:15pm: Friends Only.
I was wondering who would actually read my crap when I write here.

So, this journal is going to be for FRIENDS ONLY.

To those who really care.

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11th September 2006

5:03pm: Status Update

Back to LJ...with some serious business:

Check post HERE... the latest one (11/09/2006)

Well, let's just hope I don't get flamed...;)


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18th March 2005

10:20am: Heyloz!! :)
Just for fun, this is my other account other than my Blogspot account.

Will post more later!
Current Mood: awake

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